Trying to Stay Dry

Many of us love sitting by the pool, soaking in the sun.  We love to sit and talk with friends and family building into relationships and going deeper as we relax.  However, one thing many of us do not like to do at the pool is get wet.  While we like being next to the water, we don’t want to get in the water.  But there’s always that one kid…that one kid who, no matter what, seems to always aim his cannonball splash our way.  It’s not easy staying dry when you’re relaxing next to the water!

Our spiritual lives are the same way.  We strive to live lives pleasing to God in gratitude for His gift of salvation but the world seems to be splashing us from every direction.  When things get hard and life is tough, it can seem like we’re trapped and there’s no way out without “getting wet.”  But what if that’s not true?  What if God is there with us, helping us to “stay dry?”