Unstuck: Guilt & Shame

Technology has come a long way!  Just one of the newer (and GREAT) advancements on my smartphone is the visual voicemail. Now, when someone inevitably leaves their return phone number too quickly, I can simply rewind and replay that part over and over again until I am able to decider the digits!  While this ability to rewind and loop is helpful in so many areas of our lives, it often hinders us when we do it mentally.  We often find ourselves rewinding and looping through past events and they’re often the ones we’re not particularly proud of.  We tend to loop and reflect on those events and conversations that we feel guilty or ashamed about.  We begin to wonder what other would think if they knew what we’ve done and what we’ve said in the past.  And these feelings of guilt and shame begin to dig a hole what we find ourselves stuck in, unable to move forward in life.

But Jesus came to set us free from our pasts, to set us free from guilt and shame.  In John 4, we see His encounter with a woman who also struggled with her past.  Let’s dig in to see how Jesus helps her get unstuck and how He can help us do the same today!