I Remember When…

Everyone’s grandparent, at some point, has said, “I remember when I was your age…”  Most times these statements are met with a subtle eye roll and a “Yes, Grandma, life was so much harder when you were young.”  While these declarations can be comical and, at times, annoying, they do serve a deeper purpose.  The ability to look back at the past and compare it to the present is extremely important.

In scripture, we see the Israelites building memorials to remember God’s faithful.  When they would looked at these monuments, they would say, “I remember when God did that and He can do it again today!” We too need memorials or memories to look back upon.  If we can’t return to memories of God’s faithfulness, it will be that much harder to trust Him with the challenges of today.  As we explore Joshua 3-4, let’s see the importance of “remembering when” as we move into the future with God.

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