Easter Week Devotional – Friday

Friday’s Reading – John 16:17-33


Devotional by Brittany Weber


Have you ever asked someone a question and had them respond in a way that left you staring back at them with a blank expression? For you, their answer was “clear as mud” and left you more baffled than when you started. In John 16:17-33, Jesus is trying to explain to the disciples that he will be leaving them for a time and then returning, but his explanations have left them more confused rather than comforted.


I personally take comfort in that fact that the disciples, the ones who knew Jesus in the flesh, were sometimes just as confused as we can be. We open the Bible to read his words to gain wisdom and clarity, but are often left with more questions and confusion than when we opened it. At least we know we are not alone in that feeling.


The thing the disciples chose to do in this situation, was to turn to each other to try to find clarity. And while it is good to ask the opinions of others, we often forget the real one we should be asking. The only answers that are true without question are those from Christ himself, as they themselves learned. Luckily for the disciples, Jesus finally responded in a way they could understand. But what do we do when the answers we receive still leave us confused?


What we need to understand is that while the answers might not make sense to us at the moment, they usually become clearer over time. One of the phrases on my daughter’s school folder says, “I don’t know that…YET.” It reminds her that it is ok to admit she doesn’t understand something. But if she believes in herself and keeps trying, she will eventually figure it out. Our answers from Christ are the same. We might not understand…YET… but one day we will as long as we remain confident in his control while looking to him for guidance.


It is easy to become confused with God’s plan. Especially when we look around ourselves at the state of the world. We are feeling scattered as Christians and alone in the world. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. But as Jesus comforts his disciples, he too comforts us by saying, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

With Jesus, we are never alone and we will always have his comfort. While things may seem out of focus now, God has already made a plan and in HIS TIME, everything will become clear.