Weekly Thought 12.16.19

This morning for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal.  It wasn’t very exciting.

To be fair, I could have made many other exhilarating things.  I could have fried up some eggs, prepared some bacon, flipped some flapjacks. I could have stopped somewhere on my way into the office and bought something delightful.  But on a dreary Monday morning, I simply chose to have a boring bowl of cereal.

And while chomping away on my lackluster bowl, I knew that this coming Sunday would be much different!  This week is our annual Stories and Carols Sunday that begins at 9:00 am with a church-wide BREAKFAST!  Not a cold-cereal-and-milk kind of breakfast but a feast that could truly break any fast!  Casseroles, sausage gravy, fruit, and more.  Every year I’m overjoyed at the delicious offerings you all bring.  Did I mention bacon?  Someone always brings a platter full of bacon!!!! One of these days I’ll actually discover the donor and share my deepest gratitude.

All this to say, my breakfast this coming Sunday with you will be much better than the breakfast I chose for myself this morning!  I’m looking very forward to it!

And then after breakfast, the kids will be helping to lead our service as they help us remember the true gift of Christmas.  I just finished rearranging the stage to make room for all of them and I hope you will join us!  Each year is different than the last and always leaves us smiling and thinking a little more about Jesus.

We’re in the final countdown to Christmas.  Are you ready?

Yes, the gifts all need to be bought and wrapped.  All the cookies need to be decorated and the meals prepared.  But the bigger question is, are you ready?  Are you preparing your heart or just your home?  Are you ready for Christ to come anew into your life?  To spark hope, peace, joy, and love?  Are you ready to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and what it means for your eternal destination?

May this week find you preparing your heart even as you prepare your home.  May this week find you looking at Christ in Christmas.


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan