Weekly Thought 11.18.19

It finally happened!  After waiting for over six months, the walls finally came down!  The lanes were finally open this past Friday!  Traffic is once again flowing freely, unhindered and no longer limited!

If you’re not a frequent traveler of route 222 in Lancaster around the Ephrata exit, you have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you do travel that way, you probably have been jumping for joy with me all weekend long!

A little over six months, PennDOT began a LONG process of doing some repair work to the bridges along this particular stretch of 222.  The original estimate was to finish all four lanes of traffic over approximately twelve weeks.  Those twelve weeks turned into MANY more than expect.  For the past six months, things have not flowed smoothly and efficiently as concrete barriers have restricted traffic down to one lane in a given direction.  Multiple accidents and increased levels of road rage have become the norm.

But Friday the walls came down and things began to flow as they were meant to once more!

In all my excitement, I started wondering what walls we’ve put up in our own lives to restrict the flow of the Holy Spirit.  PennDOT had the best of intentions when they set up their barricades.  They were meant to protect us.  Likewise, when we set up walls to limit God’s access to our lives, we mean well.  We often are trying to protect ourselves.  We believe that if we limit the areas we allow God to move in our lives, we will be safer.  But nothing could be farther from the truth!   The more we allow God to move, the more He can grow and mature us.  The more the Holy Spirit has freedom to minister within our lives, the greater crop of spiritual fruit we will experience (see Ephesians 5:16-23).

What would it take to lower all your defenses and allow God to have full access to the “road of your life?”  To let the Holy Spirit march around you and have your personal Jericho walls fall down and let Him in?  What would your life look like with all of God in all of you?

I know for certain it is much better driving on 222 with no restrictions.  I’m also confident the same can be said for God in my life!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan