Weekly Update 9.23.19

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.—1 Peter 2:2-3


At almost five months old, our daughter is FINALLY down to one feeding a night.  Some nights, it’s at 12:45 am, other nights it’s not until 5:45 am.  Clearly, consistency is not her thing but we’re loving the ability to sleep more as she continues to grow.  There’s only one small hiccup in her newly acquired schedule…one small consistency that she actually keeps, much to our dismay.  For whatever reason, Saturday nights she consistently decides she wants to be fed at least two times, if not three!  Needless to say, I do not appreciate the extra wake up calls on the nights that I want the most sleep so I can be alert and ready to preach!

Yesterday, as I was ruminating on her lack of consistency yet persistence in her little oddity on Saturday nights, I began to wonder if there wasn’t a small spiritual lesson for us all to learn from her.  (Don’t roll your eyes!  If I don’t find something useful out of her extra wake up calls, I may just cry, LOL).

Much like my infant daughter, we should all be craving food throughout the week.  Spiritually, we should desire to be fed by God’s word each day.  None of us wait until the weekend to have our one and only physical meal of the week.  If we did, we wouldn’t survive life.  Just as we sit down at the dinner table each night so too should we be sitting down to be fed by God’s word each day.  Whether a morning devotion, an afternoon time with God, or a middle of the night snack, we each need to be feeding ourselves with the presence of God in our lives on a daily basis.

But one “meal” a day on our own also isn’t enough!  Much like Bailey wanting that extra feeding Saturday night, we too desire an “extra” feeding on Sunday mornings.  Just as Sundays shouldn’t be our only feeding in God’s word throughout the week, individual “meals” with God shouldn’t be our sole source of nourishment.  We need these extra feedings of fellowship and mutual time worshiping and studying God’s word.

You can’t do faith on your own and you can’t do faith only in a group.  It’s a both/and thing!  We need to be seeking to be fed spiritually BOTH one-on-one with God AND corporately with our church family!

Do you desire to be fed BOTH each day AND to receive an extra “meal” on Sundays?

If not, you’re welcome to come hang out at my house all night on Saturdays until Bailey teaches you this lesson 🙂


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan