Weekly Update 9.16.19

Yesterday morning, as the worship team strummed out its first note, Allan grabbed my hand and insistently pulled me toward our pew.  He started to exclaim “the music is starting, we have to sit down!”  It’s not too often my preschooler keeps me on schedule.  More often than not, he keeps me off schedule.  He has this amazing ability to delay and procrastinate in everything as only a three year old can.  But at least this one time, he was pulling and nudging me to be where I needed to be when it came time to worship yesterday.

As we talked about experiences with the Holy Spirit yesterday, I hope you heard Him speaking to your heart.  My prayer would be that you most definitely do experience His power and presence in a mighty way this week.  But more importantly, that He would speak with His still, small voice into your heart and you would make the choice to follow Him, to commit yourself more fully to Him in whatever way that might look like in your life right now!

One step He might be calling you toward is to follow in Jesus’ command to be baptized.  Jesus says believe in me and then proclaim your faith through baptism.  Many of us have taken the step in faith to place our faith and trust in Jesus.  But perhaps you’ve not taken that next step to be baptized.  Maybe the Spirit is prompting you, pulling you, pushing you lovingly toward this.  If so, please come talk to me or email me!  Our next baptism is scheduled for October 20th.

Maybe the Spirit is prompting you toward something a little less “Jesus commanded” but equally important.  Perhaps He wants you to get involved and serve.  Maybe He wants you to dig into His word more.  Maybe  either with a Sunday School class or Bible Study or maybe just one-on-one with Him at home.  What if He is calling you to spend time with Him in prayer more…at the Dwelling Place, at home, or even on the Quiet Waters Retreat.  Maybe it’s a conversation to start a new friendship, an invitation to your long-time neighbor, a day spend simply listening to His voice.

I pray this week that the Holy Spirit would be pulling and nudging you to be where you need to be with Him on your faith journey…and that you would listen!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan