Weekly Update 7.15.19

It’s time to say “CHEESE!”

We’re only in July but here in the church office we are already thinking about January and the updated church directory we are planning to release.  One thing I’ve noticed about our current picture directory is that there are several new faces I don’t see in there. It only came out seven months ago and it already needs updated with some new HBIC family members!  There are also a few of you who need to update your family pictures because your kids (and mine!) are growing up WAY too fast.  They look nothing like their pictures anymore!

Unlike other church directories I’ve seen, HBIC’s directory is a bit different.  We don’t do formal photography every few years.  Instead, we ask you to simply submit a family photo that you like and would like to share with us.  It can even be a fun shot from your summer vacation together!  (Hence why I’m talking about this now!)  Please feel free to either email a copy of your updated family photo to Lisa at lisa@hbicchurch.com or bring in a picture on a Sunday morning and we can scan it for the directory.


Don’t forget to take some time this week to “stand still” with God!  It may be the most important thing you do all week!  (and  if you don’t know what I mean, check out yesterday’s sermon here).


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan