Weekly Update 6.3.19

This morning I found myself awake in the wee hours of the morning fighting to get a certain infant daughter of mine back to sleep.  Both Allison and I took our shifts with the sleepless battle and I finally won out.  It was too late to go back to bed so I found myself sitting out on the deck enjoying an early cup of coffee watching the sun rise.  What bothered me most about this ordeal was that over the past week or so, I really felt like I had gotten to know my daughter’s schedule and what she likes and dislikes when it comes to coaxing her to sleep.  And yet this morning I found that I did not know her as well as I thought I did.

Sitting out on the deck, reflecting on my frustrations, I realized, as all good pastors do, that there was a spiritual lesson to be learned here.  Yesterday, we looked at 1 Samuel 3 and discussed how we can know God.  Not just the motions of worship but truly, intimately know Him.  And yet how often do we find ourselves flustered by God’s apparent change of procedures?

I’ve learned time and time again that God moves in MANY different ways.  As soon as I get accustom to how God speaks in my life, He changes it.  Much like a sleepless infant, these changes can be frustrating.  I find myself asking “God, why change?”  Not that God changes but rather that He changes how He is speaking.  I ponder “weren’t we good the way we were?  I thought I was at a good point of truly knowing You and following Your voice…and then You decide to flip things up on me?  Why?”

This morning, I learned a little more about my daughter and her personality that is beginning to develop at five weeks old.  Likewise, every time God moves in a new way in my life, I learn more about Him!  God doesn’t want me to settle for knowing Him just a little bit.  He wants me to experience ALL of Him and all of who He is!  This takes a lifetime and more.  Rather than getting frustrated at the change, I realize I should be rejoicing that God has chosen to reveal yet another dimension of who He is to me!

This week, as you seek to know God more, don’t be flustered if He choses to do something unexpected.  Each way that He speaks, each way that He moves, is one more opportunity to know Him more…to know Him deeper.

How is God revealing Himself to you this week to know Him more?


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan