Weekly Update 5.20.19

It made me laugh last night as I was texting someone from our congregation when they told me that I inspired their family during the sermon yesterday morning and they were going to spend their evening together… watching Thor Ragnarok!  While inspiration is the goal of most sermons, I’m not entirely sure watching a superhero movie was my primary objective! (But to be fair, this was not the first thing they shared about my sermon… they had already spoken with me after service about the real point of the sermon…hence my laugh at their secondary inspiration because, hey, it’s a pretty good movie as far as superhero movies go!)

If you were able to join us for worship yesterday (or if you want to listen to the sermon online), I do hope you were encouraged and inspired to explore your relationship with the Holy Spirit a little bit more.  It is so easy to settle for the status quo when it comes to our connection with God.  We know that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that He rose again, and He is preparing eternity for us as His followers.  Yet there is so much more God wants to do in us and through us by the power of the Spirit He’s placed with us.  That same Spirit was at work in Jesus and rose Him from the dead.  Can you imagine what God’s Spirit wants to do in you?  But it takes a willingness to submit, to yield control, to declare that God alone is worthy to lead my life.

God can bring inspiration and explanation from the strangest places… AM talk radio and a imaginary guy who likes to swing a hammer for instance.  I hope this week as you are going about your day, God brings a special illustration out whatever you find yourself doing.  He is always speaking if we listen.  What is God trying to say to you today?  What is God trying to teach you this week?

I can’t wait to hear what He says to you!

See you Sunday for our last Sunday School gathering before summer (9:00am) and the start of our new sermon series, On the Throne, during our worship service (10:15am)!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan