Weekly Update 5.13.19


It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes a village to live for Christ.

Over the past two weeks, life has been chaotic.  A good chaos but chaos nevertheless.  As many of you well know, there is no way to truly prepare to welcome a newborn into the world.  You can have the nursery set up, diapers and formula purchased, meals arranged, and provisions made for older children and yet somehow you still aren’t ready. It truly takes a village to raise a child and Allison and I are so grateful for our church family as you all stepped in to help in both large and small ways.  We are so thankful for the prepared meals, the funds donated for pre-made gluten-free meals, the baby gifts, the words of encouragement, and most importantly your prayers!  We have entered a new season as a family of four. We know we are loved and supported and our children will know both Christ and family because of all of you.

Not only does it take a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to live for Christ.  We can often approach our faith as a solo-competitor event.  “I can do this thing all by myself” is the mentality we tend to start each day with.  But the truth is, a life of faith is a team sport.  We need each other more than we realize.  Not just to support each other when a new baby comes but also to support and love one another when life happens—both the good and the bad.

Over the past two weeks, I have received so many emails, calls, and texts about members of our church family who are struggling in different ways.  Whether health issues, emotional issues, financial challenges—we are all going through something.  This life is a team sport…Christ is our captain (if you were here for Rick’s sermon yesterday, feel free to go with “Lord” instead!) and we are all teammates.  We need each other!  Don’t play alone!

I wanted to thank each of you who stepped up to “pitch hit” these last few weeks, especially Lisa Groff and Rick Mailloux.  From the pews, the past few weeks have gone relatively smoothly as I’ve been absent.  Yet the truth is,  they have only been so smooth because of the “village” stepping up and serving together.  Thank you to my HBIC village!  You each are wonderful and I am so blessed to live this life for Christ with you!

Have a great week until we gather as a village again!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan