Weekly Update 3.18.19

As we wrapped up 1 Peter yesterday and look toward Easter, I want to encourage you to join us this coming Sunday as Ben Hildebrand shares with us about the ministry being done in northern France.  We can so easily forget about the rest of the world and what God is doing there and simply stay with tunnel-vision on what’s going on in our own neighborhoods.  But as we approach the empty tomb, it is not just about what God is doing in our own small corner of the world.  It is a good reminder that the cross is bigger than Hempfield, bigger than Lancaster county, bigger than the United States.  Jesus endured the cross for the WHOLE world and I hope as we hear about what He is doing in France this coming Sunday it will inspire us to think beyond ourselves a bit more.  If you feel led as you hear Ben share, there will be an opportunity to give toward his family’s ministry as we collect a special love offering at the end of our service together this week.

I hope as you go through your week as a sheep of Christ, you feel His love and embrace!  I pray you are able to find joy in following Him!  Enjoy even the little things.  Personally today, it is enjoying as much chewing as I can today!  No soft foods for me…until tomorrow and most of the rest of the week.  I am reminded that even the ability to eat is a blessing from my Good Shepherd.  I know it’s more of a mental thing but the thought of getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow is not fun.  I know everyone else under the sun has had them out and has survived…and so will I!  Jesus with me and a half gallon of ice cream in the freezer doesn’t hurt either 🙂


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan