Weekly Update 1.14.19

Like all the windows around our church building, my office window has the blinds built into it.  Normally I keep them about halfway open to let light in but not blind me.  However, yesterday when we arrived at church the tractor was still here plowing and Allan required me to open the blinds fully so he could watch.  He got quite the workout running around the building to the different doors and windows to see the whole plowing process. Anyway, when I arrived at my office this morning, the blinds were still open and the sunlight was streaming in.  It’s almost lunchtime and I still haven’t turned on my office lights because it is so nice and sunny in here! 🙂  All of that to say, I hope your week is off to a similar start!  There may have been a few “hick-ups” in your day so far but I hope the sun is still shining and reminding you that God is with you!  Did you take Him with you today?  Did you put Him first in all things?  Is your “shelf” organized?  (and if you’re not following me any more, check out yesterday’s sermon here!).

As we come to the mid-way point of January, I wanted to remind everyone of our upcoming annual church meeting on Sunday, January 27th.  I know this is definitely not the “Sunday of the Year” for most of us but it is, nevertheless, an important time for us to gather together to look at the nuts-and-bots of our church.  I am grateful that 51 Sundays out of the year we are able to simply come together and worship.  We have a lot of volunteers and staff who maintain the day-to-day operations of the church facilities and finances.  Nevertheless, we want to keep everyone informed as we start a new year on both where we are with our physical church building and where we see God calling us in the year to come.  So will you please plan on joining us after the service on 1/27?  We’ll take a brief 5 minute break after the worship service and then launch into our meeting time together.  These type of meetings are only “boring” if we make them that way so come out and party with us, haha!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan