Weekly Update 11.26.18

Thank you to everyone who stayed after service yesterday to help decorate the church for Christmas!  It’s always amazing to walk into the building on a Monday morning and find everything transformed for the holiday season.  There were even a few snowflakes hung up in my office…because you know…I love snow so much (insert the world’s BIGGEST eye roll!).

As the tree went up at our house this weekend and at the church yesterday, I was reminded of last year’s Christmas series on “Christmas(?).”  We spent the advent season looking at the traditional elements of our Christmas celebration and relearning the symbolism and importance of things such as the Christmas tree,  the date for the celebration, and, yes, even Santa Claus himself.  Already, I have found myself thinking back on those messages as Allan is looking at the tree and the jolly red fellow.  Why do we use these things?  How do they point us back to Jesus?  We’ve already had some semi-deep conversations (as deep as one can really go with an almost three year old!) on what Christmas really means.  I hope you have been reflecting as well.  Don’t simply go through the motions of celebrating.  Instead, remember and reflect on each moment through this season so that we might each encounter anew the wonder and gift of Emmanuel, God with us, this Christmas!

As we prepare to launch into Advent this year, I’m excited to start our new series “Going on an ADVENT-ure” this Sunday.  As you might guess, we’ll be looking at the different character in the Christmas narrative and exploring their adventure leading to Christ.  We’ll also be reflecting on our own adventures and journeys with Jesus!  Come expecting!

Finally, as we enter this Christmas season, I want to let you know about our chosen Christmas projects this year.  Traditionally, we choose one ministry or need in our community to focus on and bless.  This year, we’ve decided to let you decide which of three opportunities (or all of them!) your family would like to bless.  You’ll be hearing more about these opportunities in the weeks to come.  There is a tree in the lobby with tags on that you can simply pick up and then return with the gift requested.  The three opportunities are to bless the Mom’s House ministry with needed items for their facility (you’ll hear more about this on Sunday during the service), bless our Monday Night Sports Ministry with gift cards to share with those who attend throughout the coming year, and bless our church family with an additional mortgage principle gift.  There’s lots to be thankful this time of year and we want to take our gratitude and turn it into blessings for others!

Have a great week as we turn the corner from November to December!  See you Wednesday for the Dwelling Place!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan