Weekly Update 11.19.18

Pray anyway!  That was one friend’s take-a-way from the sermon yesterday.  Honestly, that really does sum up our time together well.  No matter what you are facing, no matter the doubts you feel, or the uncertainties you are balancing—pray anyway.  God hears us and responds!  How many times have you heard a testimony from someone who said something along the lines of “I didn’t believe in God and yet, in the midst of this situation, I found myself praying to Him anyway.”  But for whatever reason, when we find ourselves struggling with even a little bit of doubt, we simply don’t pray at all.  Instead, let’s pray anyway!

I shared yesterday the Leadership’s sense that God is getting ready to tell us something.  We believe He has a message to share with us.  And we’re asking you to pray with us for God to speak in His perfect timing.  December 10-12 we are asking the church family to pray and fast and then join us on Wednesday night 12/12 for The Dwelling Place as we simply come together to pray and worship.  Even if you’re not sure if God speaks in this way or you find yourself doubting, pray anyway!

In addition to this time of prayer and fasting in December, we have several other events coming up that I wanted to make you aware of as we come into the Christmas season.  This Sunday, Travis Brubaker from WYAM will be sharing with us during the service and then the next week we’ll kick off the Advent season with our new sermon series “Going on an ADVENT-ure.”  A few other dates to keep in mind…

  • December 8 Christmas Centerpiece Event & Cookie Exchange (sign up on lobby bulletin board)
  • December 10—12 Church-wide Prayer and Fasting
  • December 12 The Dwelling Place Prayer and Worship Service (only one in December)
  • December 23 Stories and Carols: Breakfast at 9am, Special worship service at 10:15am
  • December 24 Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at 6pm
  • December 25 Christmas (like you didn’t know that!)

Enjoy your turkey this week because when it’s gone, we’re in full-out Christmas mode! 🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving!

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan