Weekly Update 11.05.18

Each Sunday after the service, on our way home, I always enjoy hearing my wife’s thoughts on the sermon.  Some weeks her comments are very thought provoking and other weeks her comments are questioning the odd way I said something or a point I may have missed the mark on.  Yesterday, however, she told me that she liked when I demonstrated Philip running next to the chariot.  She thought it was great because, and I quote, “you hate to run…I bet the congregation didn’t realize that that was the most they will ever see you running.”  So there you have it.  On top of the challenge to engage with people in our lives, you were also blessed to see the extent of my physical ability when it comes to running in public!  Don’t you feel blessed 🙂

In all seriousness though, how are you doing today engaging with people around you?  For some of us, it’s challenging because we don’t see a lot of people on any given day.  For others of us, we are surrounded by people all day long.  Some of us are introverted and others are extreme extroverts.  Yet God still is calling each of us, regardless of how many people we see in a day and what type of personality He given us, to reach out and engage with others.  So what does today look like for you?

I’ve been struggling with this area.  I want to engage with others.  Obviously, on a Sunday morning, I connect with many of you.  I love Sundays because I love all of you and spending time together.  But the rest of the week is a different story.  The church is much emptier during the week…and everyone working here during the week knows Jesus.  So who am I inviting?  Who am I engaging with?  I’m sharing these thoughts because I want you to know that I am preaching to myself as much as I am preaching to you.  We all need to work on reaching out to others and engaging in life with them.

So who are you inviting this week?  Who are you engaging with this week?  Start small and grow.  Start by having a conversation with your neighbor.  Start by asking a coworker about their weekend.  Start by asking your barista or waiter something about themselves rather than just ordering your food.  As Jesus followers, we should be known as the most caring and loving people out there.  But let’s be honest, that’s not how most people see us.  So let’s change that…starting with every conversation you have today.  Let’s start by simply being present and available to the people God has placed in our lives and then listen as God leads us in conversation and engagement.  Who knows what will happen next!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan