Weekly Update 9.17.18

This morning I did something somewhat strange.  Recently I finished reading through the Old Testament during my morning devotions.  Today, I was scheduled to launch into the New Testament.  However, as I turned the page from Malachi Chapter 4, I did not find Matthew Chapter 1.  Instead, in my commentary study Bible, I found a large-ish section between the Testaments giving an overview of the several hundred years between.  To say the least, there was A LOT that happened during those interim years.  Several different political powers ruled over Israel.  There were also a few reshaping periods in the national and religious landscape.  And all of these seemingly unimportant, ambivalent events and factors paved the way for Jesus to step onto the scene.

Yesterday, we talked some more about brokenness.  We addressed the “why” question—why does bad stuff happen?  And in many cases the answer has something to do with brokenness.  But we also came to the realization that God is continuously at work, even when life gets hard.  We saw how He was shaping events in Egypt so Moses could step onto the scene at the right moment.  This morning, as I read those middle testament commentary pages we all skip over, I remembered that God did the same thing for Jesus.  It makes you wonder… how is He working in your life now?  How is He preparing the landscape of your future in the midst of today’s struggles?  Because He is at work!  I guarantee it!

If you don’t believe me, let’s try a test.  Set aside a few days…let’s say October 31 through November 3…and listen to God’s voice.  Sit in silence and let Him move and speak.  Maybe He’ll show you how’s He is working today to prepare you for tomorrow.  Come join me at the Quiet Waters Retreat and see what God is saying to you and doing for you!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan