Weekly Update 8.27.18

What a weekend!  It was sunny!  There was food!  There was birthday cake and ice cream!  And, of course, there was a Slip ‘N Slide!  We could not have asked for a better today together…except for maybe little cooler temperatures during the worship service 🙂  We’re already discussing how to make next year even better.  It was great to see everyone out for the different parts of the day.  I especially want to thank everyone who shared birthday cards and encouragement with me.  It wasn’t my plan to turn the event into my 30th birthday party but I enjoyed it nevertheless!

On another personal note, Allison really enjoyed the gluten-free zucchini pizza dish that someone brought.  She’d love the recipe 🙂

And just like that, the Splash is behind us, school has started, and fall is just about here.  I’m excited to start our new fall series on being broken.  On Saturday, I laid the groundwork (with a little help from Allan!) with the three basic things we need to understand about our brokenness.  First, we are all broken.  Second, God never throws away broken things.  And third, instead of throwing us away because of our imperfection, God shares Jesus’ perfection with us!  For many of us, these three truths were probably not new but a good refresher course nevertheless.  Over the next several weeks, we’ll build upon these foundations as we live out passionate lives for Christ—the author of our Salvation and origin of our Righteousness.

Thank you to everyone who helped to organize, set up, and run our Summer Splash and thank you to all of you who invited friends and family to join us.  I saw several families from Sports Ministry and Upward as well as several more families I didn’t know.  Just because the Splash is behind us doesn’t mean we can’t continue to connect with people in our lives and invite them to fellowship with us at HBIC and meet Jesus!  In two weeks, we have a pancake breakfast followed by the kick off of Sunday School Classes on September 16th.  We’re all broken…we all need Jesus…let’s invite people to meet Him here!

Have a great week…stay cool…see you back in the pews on Sunday!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan