Weekly Update 7.2.18

It’s hard to believe we find ourselves a full month into summer and a full month into our study through the book of Colossians!  I hope you’ve been able to follow along with us as we’ve gone verse by verse through Paul’s in depth look at what it means to be IN CHRIST.  So far he’s focused on Anyone, Rescued, Reconciled, Suffering, and Fullness in Christ.  If you’ve missed any of the series so far, grab your bible and catch up!  We’re only a chapter and a half into the book so it would be plenty easy to get up to speed as you lay by the pool this week (or hug the AC unit on the wall!).  You can also listen to the sermons online at HBICChurch.com…they are almost always posted by noon on Mondays.

If you are all caught up on your reading, keep going…this coming Sunday, we will walk through the second half of Chapter 2 and talk about what it means to be Grounded in Christ.  In addition, this Sunday we will be welcoming three individuals into membership at HBIC.  While these three are not brand new faces, they each want to take a step in commitment to each of you by becoming an “official” part of our church body.  Membership is all about commitment and they each want to express their commitment to you and to our church!

Two of these individuals are also going to be baptized on Sunday morning!  Not only do they want to deepen their relationship with HBIC through membership but, more importantly, they want to publicly proclaim their love for Jesus and what He’s done in their lives!  I hope you’ll plan on joining us this week to celebrate the steps these individuals are taking!

Stay cool in the heat and enjoy some fireworks!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan