Weekly Update 6.18.18

There are moments that make us pause and reflect.  Yesterday, for example, was Father’s Day and many of us took time to think about our dads and father-figures and their impact on our lives.  As we find ourselves square in the middle of June, we as a church have the opportunity to pause and reflect on the life of our physical church building as well.  This month marks the 10 year point to pay off the church mortgage.  While 10 years still seems like a long time until the building is paid off, it also marks 16 years of ministry from this particular property.  Some of you have been with HBIC for all of these 16 years.  Others of you have connected with the church sometime during this period.  We can step back and see years of God working in our lives and in the lives of others we’ve met at 2600 Marietta Ave.

We can also look forward.  Can you image what God might do through you and through us as a church family over the next 10 years?  20 years?  30 years?  When we allow the Holy Spirit to freely lead us and guide us, when we are willing to go where He calls us to go, God-things happen!  The Leadership Team has been talking and praying over what things God is calling us as a church family to do in our community and in the world in Jesus’ name.  We hope you are praying and listening as well!  We want to truly be the church God has called us to be—a church of hope, a church of light!

As I’m talking about listening to and following God’s call, I also wanted to let everyone know that I was texting the Owens family this morning and they made it safely to Tennessee after a long drive yesterday.  They are starting the “fun” process of unpacking and settling into their new home.  Please keep the family in your prayers as they continue to seek God’s direction in this new season!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan