Weekly Update 5.14.18

This past Thursday was Ascension Day—40 days after Easter Sunday when Jesus ascended before the disciples’ eyes into heaven.  It was the last time they saw Him here on earth and yet it was just the beginning of their journeys with Him as they each went out into the world proclaiming His name and the salvation that we find in Him.  They spent the rest of their lives serving Him and waiting in anticipation for the day of His return.

We continue to live in the same way they did—living, serving, and waiting.  We know that Christ will return one day and we are called to live in faithful anticipation.  Yet somehow it can seem like a distant thing.  Something we know and yet forget to live out.  I was reminded of what it means to live in faithful anticipation this weekend as Allan once again taught me a lesson through his fish.

I’ve written about our adventure with a dozen fish a few times now and, thankfully, we’ve survived our first season with them.  The pond at my in-laws where they live is back open for the summer and they were able to return home.  As we caught the fish and loaded them into a bucket to take to Nana and Pap’s house, Allan was very inquisitive on what we were doing and where his fish were going.  We explained that they were going to the pond but they would return to our house in the fall when it gets cold.  For as much as a two year old could, he seemed to understand the general concept.  However, everyday since their departure he has seen fit to remind me as he sees the empty fish tank that I have yet to put into storage that his fish are coming back.  He knows they will return and waits with anticipation.

How long will his anticipation last?  As long as I ignore putting the fish tank away?  Or just every time we visit his grandparents and their small pond?  Or will his love of his fish and the excitement live on day by day without end until they swim again in our house this fall?  These are the same questions we should be asking ourselves when it comes to living in anticipation of Christ’s return.  Do we only remember every time we see our bible we left sitting out?  Do we only remember when we visit church on the weekend?  Or will our excitement of seeing Jesus return boldly with His splendor live on day by day until He returns or we are called home to be with Him?

Something to think about on this cool, rainy Monday 🙂


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan