Weekly Update 3.26.18

Happy flipping-over tables day!  It was probably on Monday, right after the celebratory entry on Palm Sunday, that Jesus entered the Temple complex and started flipping over tables and chasing out the money changers.  This dramatic scene started the turn from “He’s our king” to “we have no king but Caesar.”  As we saw yesterday, Jesus wasn’t seeking people’s praise and attention but rather seeking to live out God’s will.  What are we seeking today?  As we come to the cross on Good Friday and the empty tomb on Easter Sunday, where are we setting our eyes and our hearts?  When we look to God and sing “Hosanna,” what do we really mean?  Are we asking God to be the god we want, fulfilling all our dreams and wishes?  Or are we praising the God who saved us from our sins?  It is amazing how easy it can be to slide into the wrong side of these things!

This week is a time to reflect on all that God has done for you through Jesus and His work on the cross.  I invite you to join us on Wednesday night as we spend some time in reflection and communion (6pm family dinner, 7pm service with communion).  I invite you to set aside some time on Friday with your family to pause and remember Jesus on the cross.  He hung there not because of anything He had done but because of your sins and my sins.  He did it for you, He showed His love for you by taking your place.  Pause and remember that gift this week!

And join us Sunday morning as we celebrate the empty tomb!  The story doesn’t end at the cross on Friday!  We have something to celebrate…we have a Risen Savior to worship!  And He shares His victory with us!  What better thing to celebrate than a future eternity with Him!

This week is about remembering, reflecting, and celebrating in so many ways.  While you probably shouldn’t flip over a table today in Jesus’ name, I do hope you take some time throughout this week to contemplate His love for you!

Let me be the first one to say Happy Easter!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan