Weekly Update 3.12.18

Over the past week, we’ve lost a lot of things.  We lost a hour of sleep Saturday night.  We apparently lost a pile of snow that was suppose to come our way.  And as of yesterday morning, I hope you’ve lost your enemies.  As we explored the Sermon on the Mount yesterday, we were reminded of Jesus’ call to give up our enemies.  We don’t need to carry a grudge.  We don’t need to seek revenge.  We, instead, need to start with dependence on God and extend love and prayer.

In the process of this coming week, I hope you find a few things as well.  Most importantly, you can find a deeper sense of love and compassion as you give up your enemies.  It’s hard to hate when we reflect on the love that Christ has for us and for others.  As I mentioned yesterday, how can we hate something God loves?  I hope you also find and enjoy the increased sunshine that comes with losing an hour of sleep!  And maybe, just maybe, we can find some springtime weather after missing out on a big snow storm.

One other thing you might find this week, if you’re looking, is a great deal on Amazon.  As I mentioned last week, if you shop on amazon.com, you can go to smile.amazon.com and set “Hempfield Brethren in Christ” as your chosen charity.  Then you can shop on smile.amazon.com just like you would amazon.com but 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to the church.  Starting today through the end of the month, first time users will “find” a 1.5% donation!  So if you’re looking to find a great deal for an Easter basket, you might also find a great way to donate toward HBIC’s ministry as well!

Finally, on a practical “lost and found” thought, we will have all of the lost and found items at church on a table this coming weekend and the following as well.  If you’ve lost something, come find it.  Following these two weeks, we will be donating everything that is not “found.”

Have a great week as you “find” lots of things!  See you Wednesday night for our Lenten meal and worship!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan