Weekly Update 3.5.18

What a great Sunday together yesterday!  I really enjoyed fellowshipping and worshipping will you all.  And since you all came to church with no expectations of a good sermon, I’m sure I knocked it out of the park (that’s a joke but if you missed yesterday’s sermon, you might want to check it out online to get it!).

There are two practical things I’d like to bring to mind for everyone this week…the first is in regards to fun shopping and the second is in regards to not-so-fun snow.

1)  Right before Christmas, I mentioned that you can enjoy the experience of shopping online and donating to HBIC at the same time.  If you go to smile.amazon.com, you can shop just like you normally would on amazon.com but 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice…and Hempfield Brethren in Christ just happens to be one of your charity options!  At Christmas, I brought this up a little late for most of our shopping but as you start to think about the kids’/grandkids’ Easter baskets, you might want to keep this in mind.  Also, Amazon just announced that if you make your first smile.amazon purchase between March 12—March 31, they’ll donate 3 times the regular amount!  If you don’t shop online, no worries…but if you do, why not give back in the process at no cost to you!

2)  As I write this, it is bright and sunny outside.  Blue skies and tweeting birds are all I see.  And then I look at the weather report and see the dreaded “s” word making yet another appearance.  When, oh when, will spring finally come?!?  The forecast is calling for a chance of several inches of snow this Wednesday morning into the afternoon.  If that happens, I wanted to remind everyone that the church follows the Hempfield school district.  So if the schools close or dismiss early, there are no activities Wednesday night.  I have been thoroughly enjoying our Wednesday night meals, worship, and prayer together so I’m hoping the blue skies continue; however, please keep the school closings in mind as we get closer to Wednesday.

Now get outside and enjoy this beautiful day!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan