Weekly Update 2.5.18

For weeks, I’ve heard Eagles’ fans talking about the Super Bowl.  They clearly believed that their underdog team could pull off a victory over the Patriots.  It’s one thing to claim a belief.  It’s another thing to actually go and act on that belief.  Just in case you’re living in a bubble and missed it, the Eagles acted on their belief last night and won their first Super Bowl.  They both believed they could do it and actually did it.

The same goes for our prayer lives.  We talk a lot about the power of prayer.   We say we believe God hears us and we can pray for healing.  But do we actually do it?  Yesterday, we talked about the challenges and struggles we often carry when it comes to acting on our beliefs…to boldly and expectantly seek God’s miraculous hand in healing for our friends, family, and neighbors.  We had such a great time of prayer following the service yesterday as we lifted one another up for healing and restoration.  But we don’t want it to just be something we did that one time.  Let’s dig into prayer!  As we build into a deeper relationship with the Spirit, as we speak to Him and listen to Him, let us lift one another up in prayer!  Grab your bulletin this week and pray for those in need.  Better yet, call your brothers and sisters who are struggling and pray with them.  Let’s be a church who prays boldly knowing God hears us and can heal us!

Looking forward to another great weekend together coming up!  Join us Saturday morning at 8:30 am for the second Upward Evaluation Day and then Sunday morning for Sunday School & worship.  John and Esther Spurrier will be sharing about their ministry in Africa.  Have a great week!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan