Weekly Update 1.29.18

How is everyone feeling today?  It seemed like everyone had at least one sick family member yesterday… apparently the winter plagues have found HBIC.  I hope everyone is on the mend and starting to feel better today!  A big thank you to everyone who was able to join us yesterday and stepped in to help serve.  Despite all of our “sound guys” being sick, we still had sound.  Despite our ushers being sick, we still were greeting and welcomed as we entered the sanctuary.  It’s when the Body of Christ is being the Body that things get done even when we’re struggling in sickness.  Thank you to everyone who stepped up and served!  And thank you to everyone who attended the annual meeting yesterday and stayed to help clean out the lobby and nurseries.  The carpets are being cleaned even as I write this.  It will look great this coming weekend!

On top of your faithful service and worship yesterday, I hope you were also challenged as we continue to explore a growing relationship with the Spirit.  This relationship is meant to be bigger than just us and God.  It’s meant to connect us with the Body in love and fellowship.  Sometimes that’s hard.  We’re human, we sin.  Our fellowship with one another can be broken and stained but healing can happen as well.  We are all united by the Holy Spirit in us and with us.  Let us strive to be the Body Christ deserves…unified in love and in Spirit!  Let us commit to growing together, sharing together, and serving together even more in 2018!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan