Weekly Update 12.18.17

Christmas is one week from today!  I’m not sure how that is even possible.  I feel like I just asked everyone to mark their calendars for the Hanging of the Greens and here we are only 7 days from the big day.  For the last several weeks, I’ve asked you to find time to pause in the midst of this busy time.  Reflection is hard on a normal schedule, let alone during one of the busiest times of the year.  Nevertheless, I hope you’ve found a few minutes to contemplate why you are celebrating and how you celebrate.  While I’ve been asking you to spend time with God discussing this, I’ve also been doing it myself.  It’s easy to assume that the messages each Sunday are intended for each of you; however, more often than not, God speaks directly to my heart in the middle of my sharing with you.  I have been challenged this month, even as I try to challenge you, to reflect and reconsider the how and the why.  I haven’t figured out all the answers yet but I am working on it, as I pray you are.  With the right perspective and consistent reflection, this Christmas could be much different than previous ones as we properly align Christ in our celebration and consider the love poured out in the incarnation (stepping into humanity) and Emmanuel (God with us!).

I look forward to worshipping and celebrating with you this coming weekend…it’s going to be a busy (but wonderful!) day.  As I’ve mentioned, there will be no Sunday School.  During our 10:15 service, we will have the pleasure of our kids helping out in our annual “Stories and Carols” service.  They will be helping me continue our theme of exploring the symbolism behind our celebrations, as well as sharing some Christmas carols with us.  Afterwards, you’ll have plenty of time for a nice long lunch before our 6 pm Candlelight service.  It’s not often you get to come to two services in one day, so I hope you’ll plan on joining me as we welcome Christ’s Advent and officially begin our Christmas celebration!

There are several things coming up in the New Year, but let’s be honest, you would remember any of them until after Christmas is over 🙂  I’ll simply leave you with a reminder that our Sunday service on New Year’s Eve will be held downstairs in the gym after our breakfast.  Don’t miss out on this special time together.


Merry Christmas!

Pastor Jan