Weekly Update 10.30.17

So are you a goat or an elf?  After yesterday’s message, I hope, if you’re a goat, you have a little more interest in theology.  If you’re an elf, then I’m sure you’re even more excited than usual!  If you missed yesterday’s sermon, you are vastly confused and need to listen online!

Theology can be a boring and tedious topic.  However, when we approach it from the perspective that the God of the universe, who created us, wants to reveal Himself to us in order to have a relationship with us…that can change how we feel about it! I hope that your interest has been peaked and we can enjoy this brief exploration into the world of theological study as we ask and answer questions about who God is and who He created us to be.  This coming Sunday we’ll be asking and hopefully answering the question “How Did We Get Here?”

On Wednesday, I and six others from HBIC will be headed down to Knoxville, TN, for a Prayer Conference.  During the conference, we will be fasting as we worship and listen.  Please keep the team (the Owens family, Lee, Kristine, and myself) in your prayers during the week.  Pray that we would both hear from God and be receptive to whatever He might speak to us.  As you well know, I LOVE food so fasting will be quite the challenge for me but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to spend this time in God’s presence!  Please also pray for safety as we travel the 600 miles back and forth.  We will be returning late Saturday night.

As we drive home, we are thankful that it’s the end of Daylight Saving and we’ll gain an hour of sleep!  Please remember to turn your clocks back this week.  Of course, if you forget, you’ll be right on time for Sunday School!  If you’re normally here for Sunday School, you’ll have an extra hour for coffee and donuts before class 🙂



In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan