Weekly Update 9.18.17

So now what?  For the last 5 weeks, I’ve been encouraging you to invite your friends, neighbors, and family to church on September 17th.  Well today is September 18th.  The big day has come and gone.  The weather messed with us a bit but I still think we had a great day of worship, fellowship, and food!  We had several new faces yesterday and many more of you shared with me individuals you invited but who were not able to join us yesterday.  So now what?

Well…it doesn’t stop here!  Just because 9/17 has come and gone or just because the person you invited wasn’t able to come, doesn’t mean you are done.  While this coming Sunday doesn’t have a big picnic planned, you can still invite that person to church.  We are still going to worship, we are still going to fellowship!  You may just have to take them out to lunch yourself 🙂

In all seriousness, we often get upset or depressed when people don’t come when we invite them.  But the truth is, our job as a Christ follower is to invite people to meet and experience the love of Jesus.  We aren’t responsible for making them come or making them believe.  That’s the Holy Spirit’s job!  So if you are feeling a bit down because the person you invited didn’t come, don’t give up on them!  Keep praying for them and extending invitations to join us this coming Sunday or any Sunday.  The important thing is that we are praying for and connecting with those who need Christ.

And as we wrap up the events from yesterday, thank you to everyone who made it such a great day!  We had an amazing 55 people in Sunday school yesterday.  It was so cool to see so many kids here and excited to head downstairs to Children’s Worship and Overflow.  The never-ending line at the bounce yesterday afternoon also was a good indication of their excitement and energy!  Thank you to everyone who got out of their comfort zone and invited a neighbor to church.  Thank you for engaging the new faces here yesterday.  And thank you for not stopping here but continuing to fulfill God’s calling in our lives to reach those who need to know Him!



In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan