Weekly Update 8.21.17

Have you gone fishin’ lately?  Yesterday, we looked at the final chapter in the book of John and explored Jesus’ call for each of us to go fishing.  At the same time, Jesus is also calling us to take care of His sheep.  These two metaphors remind us of the importance of Jesus’ mission for us as the church…we are to reach the lost and care for one another.  Are you doing that?  Jesus challenged Peter to feed His sheep and care for His lambs on the assumption that Peter loved Him.  In other words, if we love Jesus, we are to care for His flock, His Bride, the Church.  Are you doing that?

We also talked about the Titanic yesterday.  The survivors on the lifeboats had to make a choice.  Do they stay safe, secure, and relatively happy in their little huddle away from the massacre or do they row back into the danger zone to save as many as they could.  As followers of Jesus, staying in our safe, secure pews can be very easy and rather enticing but Jesus is calling us to row back into the waters to save as many as we can.

The overwhelming theme yesterday was the heart of Jesus for His people.  We cannot profess to love Jesus without caring for His bride and following the heart of Jesus to reach the world.  Take a moment for self-reflection…how are you doing in these areas?  I’ll admit, I could be doing a lot better.  I imagine we all could.

What would it look like if we all were fishing together? What would it look like if we were all shepherding together?  It would look like the church that Jesus intended!  It would look like the church we see in Acts 2.  But it starts with each of us.  We can’t cast blame saying we’d be a better church if only so-and-so would do x, y, or z.  No, we need to start with saying we’d be better at fulfilling Jesus’ call if I did x, y, and z!

In line with this mission of Jesus, I’m excited for our time this coming Sunday as we hear from Hannah Johnson as she shares what God is doing in her life and His calling for her to go “fishing” in Slovenia.  From my previous conversations with Hannah, I have no doubt that we will all connect with her passion for the people in eastern Europe!  While most of us will never have the opportunity to “fish” in Slovenia, we can “feed the sheep” who do!  Please plan on joining us this Sunday to encourage and support this sister in Christ who is following God’s calling overseas.  Prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to partner with her in her “fishing expedition” by blessing her with a love offering this Sunday or even a commitment to an on-going monthly partnership.

Have a great week fishing!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan