Weekly Update 7.17.17

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written my “weekly update.”  Between celebrating Independence Day (by shooting two fireworks shows!) and attending a Brethren in Christ Pastor’s continuing education course, I haven’t been around my computer much!  But here I am, back at it and excited to share some events happening this week and beyond.

As I mentioned yesterday, our next Dwelling Place Prayer and Worship Service is this Wednesday evening.  Two weeks ago, we explored the story of Noah and his time on the ark.  I believe we were all challenged to find time “alone with God on a raft” in the middle of our own crazy schedules.  What a better opportunity to find this quiet time with God than at the Dwelling Place!  Please, if possible, carve out 90 minutes to join us this week and simply sit in God’s presence.  Come expecting to hear from Him!

This Saturday is our annual church yard sale.  By now, those of you who are hosting a table have already, I hope, begun to pull out your treasures to sell at a great price.  But for those of us who prefer to shop at yard sales, I would encourage you to donate some of your time helping out in the kitchen in between your bargain hunting. Please contact Mary at 285-5382 and let her know when you are able to serve!

Finally, I would like to share with you all that I have warrant out for my “arrest” and am in need of your help reaching my “bail amount.”  Now before you panic too much, I’ve been volunteered to participate in the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Lock-Up Fundraiser on August 24th.  Each year, the MDA recruits individuals to be “locked-up” for an afternoon to help raise awareness and funds for groundbreaking research across diseases to find treatments and cures, support kids and adults, and empower families with services and support in our community and across America.  My bail has been set at $3000 and I need your help!  In Matthew 25, Jesus says whenever you visit anyone in prison, you are showing His love and visiting Him as well.  While I’m 100% sure that Jesus wasn’t referring to the MDA Lock-Up, I’d appreciate your support in visiting and supporting me in  raising my “bail” 🙂  To donate, please either check out my Facebook page for the MDA link or go to “mda.org/lockup” and click on “donate” and then search for my name.

I hope you all are finding time to be “Poolside with God.”  It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through the summer…let’s make sure that even as time is quickly flying by that we don’t neglect the greatest gift we’ve been given—a personal, intimate relationship with our Creator!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan