Weekly Update 5.30.17

As we celebrated Memorial Day yesterday, we also marked the unofficial start of Summer.  The school year is coming to a close, family vacations are starting, and the sun may even make an appearance…but clearly not today!  I’m sure everyone is getting excited for their summer plans!  I know I am!

Things here at the church are even slowing down for the summer.  All of our spring events are coming to a close.  Tonight is the final event in our Upward season at 6:30 as we recognize the kids’ accomplishments and enjoy some ice cream.  Our Sunday School season is wrapping up in a few short weeks and the church picnic is not too far away.  Clearly summer is on its way!

I know I probably won’t see each of you every week as you head out on vacations (unless you invite me, hint hint!) but as we head into summer and all the fun it begins, let’s commit to continuously “see” everything around us!  Whether you are at work, home, or on an exotic vacation, God has put you exactly where you are for a reason.  He has blessed you to meet the needs and connect with the people around you.  The overflow of our hearts into action, words, and holy living should not just be confined to our regular day but should extend into our every day, no matter where we are!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan