Weekly Update 5.22.17

It sounds like many of us were challenged yesterday in the way we speak.  Isn’t it amazing how easily things can come out of our months.  And isn’t it scary what they reveal about our hearts.  As James tells us, no one can control the tongue…we need God’s help!

I was reminded of a youth group illustration I used to use.  We would have two kids race to each empty a tube of toothpaste.  Obviously, it didn’t take too long.  Afterward, we’d have two more kids come up and ask them to race putting the toothpaste back in the tube.  Obviously, it didn’t go well at all.  The point is that things come out of our month easily but are impossible to put back in.  We need to listen and follow God’s guidance as we speak and live for Him.

And the hope is that the overflow of our hearts will pour out in loving words and actions!  As we take on the challenge of doing Targeted Acts of Kindness, how have you been doing?  Have you looked around to see needs and meet them?  Both within our church family and your community?  As you do so, please share your stories and experiences with me (pastorjan@hbicchurch.com) so we can celebrate God working in and through us this coming Sunday!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan