Weekly Update 1.30.17

After church yesterday, Allison and I had the privilege to join several families from church who had invited us out to lunch.  As we walked up to the restaurant, one of the pre-teen kids ran up and opened the door for us.  He smiled knowingly has he held it open for me…someone was clearly paying attention to the sermon yesterday!  It can start that simply, by opening a physical door and smiling, and grow from there.  We are called to be Christ’s ambassadors, to open spiritual doors for people to experience the love, grace, and forgiveness that Jesus offers.  Yesterday we briefly looked at some of the doors we are opening here at HBIC.  Which ones are you a part of?  What doors are you opening?  This is something we are called to do, something we NEED to do!


And as we spend time digging in and exploring our “doors” over the next several weeks, it is also important that we spend time praying over these “doors” and opportunities to share the Gospel.  Upward soccer, without prayer and God’s leading, is basically just soccer.  Monday Night Sports Ministry, without prayer, is basically just basketball.  As we pray over these opportunities and interactions, the Holy Spirit will help us to move these events into meaningful ministry.  Would you carve out a few minutes of your time this week to pray?  Pray for our Monday Night Crew that they would open their ears and their hearts to the Gospel as the devotion is shared.  Pray for our Upward Evaluation Day on Saturday that the families would sense the Spirit of God as they enter our building.  Join us this Wednesday night for the Dwelling Place!  It’s a great time to pray, worship, and hear from God as we move forward and open doors!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan