Weekly Update 1.24.17

This past Sunday was such a day of celebration!  Not only did we have four individuals make a proclamation of their faith through baptism but we also had eight individuals increase their commitment to the HBIC family by becoming members!  It was such a great morning of seeing people taking steps in their faith journey!  I hope you were inspired as well!


As I shared on Sunday, Jesus calls all of His followers to be on a journey.  Our lives are not to be defined only by asking Christ to forgive our sins but also by the journey we take living for Him.  He told His disciples (and us!) that we are to “Go.”  Where are you going?  What are you doing when you get there?  Over the next few weeks, we will continue to explore on this topic.  We each have a mission to reach our world for Christ.  God has placed us each in our specific place for a specific reason.  I reflect on the story of Esther.  God appointed her to be queen of a foreign nation so that she could save the entire Jewish race from extinction.  Perhaps God’s placement of you may not be as extreme but you are where you are for a reason!  Who is God calling you to talk to?  To invite to church?  To take to lunch?


We are called to “go” and then “make disciples.”  Are you going?  Are you making?  Or are you just sitting, watching life go by?  Let’s all commit to getting up and doing something for God this week!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan