Weekly Update 6.5.17

Allison, Allan, and I had a great weekend away camping with our family at Knoebels!  While we didn’t get a lot of rest, we did have a lot of fun with our nieces and nephews.  There’s nothing quite like a large, multigenerational family trying to stick together in an amusement park while entertaining children (and adults) of all ages!  The little kids wanted to ride the merry-go-round while the big kids (adults!) wanted to ride the roller coasters.  In the end, we all were able to ride plenty of attractions and have a blast spending time together.

As I watched the organized chaos this weekend, I began to wonder what it was like during the biblical camping trip…there’s not much better of a way to describe the Exodus than as a 40-year-long camping trip!  We were a semi-large group of 15.  The Israelites numbered over a million!  It was hard enough for us to make it from point A to point B without someone need to stop for a bathroom break, a snack, or another ride.  How did an entire nation make it from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the new land given to them by God?  Granted, it did take them 40 years!   (and yes, I know there was a sin issue but can you imagine the number of times Moses had to “pull this car over” because the kids weren’t getting along or someone needed another potty break!)

After this comparison popped up in my mind, I checked out the story briefly in the book of Exodus.  It was interesting to see the very first thing that happened after the Israelites crossed over the parted Red Sea.  Their trip had just begun and they ran out of water.  After three days of nothing but bitter water to be found, the people grumbled and things were not looking good.  God, through Moses, provided water for the people and then gave them a big instruction.  Simply put, God told them to stay focused on Him.  As the went through the desert, as they met other nations, as they moved toward a new homeland, they needed to constantly focus on God.

Whether in the desert or in our own communities, whether as a newly forming nation or your own family, this instruction from God holds true!  We need to stay focused on Him in the midst of everything and anything going on in our lives.  He needs to be our primary focus.  As we’ve seen in the book of James, everything else should simply flow from the overflow our hearts as we set our hearts and eyes on God!  We can be so easily distracted in our day to day course that we loose sight of what really matters.  This week, let’s commit to setting our eyes on the One that really matters and trusting Him to take care of the rest!


In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan