Weekly Update 3.27.17

How inspiring to hear Chuck’s words of encouragement yesterday!  We are all called to be partners in God’s work both in France, here in Lancaster County, and around the world. One of our mission fields, in the form of Upward Soccer, has started and God has brought over a hundred kids right to our front door! This Saturday will be our first games for Upward Soccer. At this time, there is still a great need of help for Saturday morning.  Please get involved in this outreach ministry!  If you could spare 30 minutes to an hour this Saturday, contact me (Leslie) as soon as possible. We are currently looking for help with:

  • 2-3 people to help set up on Sat. morning. Arrive at 8:15 a.m. We should be finished no later than 9:15.
  • 2-3 people to help tear down. You can arrive around 11:30. We should be finished by noon.
  • 1 person to finish lining the fields. Thank you to Larry Shearer who gave his entire day on Saturday and Sunday morning (missing the service) to get four of our five fields lined.  We need someone to line the interior of the last field. have the dimensions. We’d love to have the fields all finished before practices start Monday night!

You have given so much already – so many prayers, donations, words of encouragement… please consider giving once more this weekend to make our kick-off games a success.

If you’re able to help in any way, you can reach me (Leslie) at lesliehbic@gmail.com.


Thanks so much!!!!


With joy,

Leslie Spurrier