Weekly Update 2.13.17

I feel like over the past week we have experienced almost a year’s worth of weather patterns!  It’s hard to believe that the middle of last week was almost in the 60s and then snow swooped in and blanketed everything in white.  Now yesterday, we had rain followed by enough gusty gales to keep me awake half the night!  All we need now is a hot sunny day to relax on the beach and I think we’ve about covered it (and as I type this, the sun is suddenly pouring through my window!).


But isn’t this the way our lives often go?  One minute things are great, the next everything seems shaken.  One day we’re in the sun, the next things are dark and cloudy.  Yet constant in the storm and shine is our Savior!  Hebrews 13:8 reminds us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  No matter what we’re facing, He is the same.  On the days when things are great, He is there with us, loving us!  On the darker days when things just seem to be going downhill, Jesus is still there with us!  He never stops loving us, caring for us, and helping us in both our times of need and our times of praise!


Set your eyes on Jesus this week.  Seek Him in all things!  Are you living your life wholly devoted to Him?  Are you putting Him first in all things?  Because I can guarantee you that He always has His eye on you and is caring for you!

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jan